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Polycord Banded Conveyor

Polycord belt conveyor systems, which are among the products of Aliş Makina, are preferred in the transfer of cylindrical materials in the production area. It is suitable for optimizing operational efficiency by ensuring work safety. 

Polyurethane material is used for its design. It can be used to transport products quickly for short or long distances. Brands in different sectors such as food, paper and packaging prefer polycord belt conveyor systems.


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Modular Banded Systems

Modular banded conveyor systems are ideal for companies in different sectors such as food, logistics, warehousing, and textile to reduce production costs and operational loads.

Cloth/PVC Banded Systems

Cloth/pvc banded conveyor system are used easily and safely in many different sectors to facilitate the operation, especially in food, storage, glass, automotive and logistics.

Roller Systems

Roller conveyor systems are designed for lines with different load types. It is ideal for optimizing the efficiency of operations by ensuring work safety.