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ARB Sorter Systems

Sorter ARB systems, using Activated Roller Belt (ARB™) technology, precisely sort and classify the products on the line, and ensure that the operation is performed flawlessly.

This belt technology provides the opportunity to perform various movements on the belt such as product sorting, separation and turning.

High-tech systems that can be used from very light and small products to heavy pallet loads without space limitations. They can process all products effectively and perform routing, sorting and turning without any problems. It can sort products heavier than 225 kg, longer than 1,2 meters and shorter than 225 mm without harming their quality.

Sorting and turning line can be arranged in desired dimensions according to the production area. Sorting, separating and turning operations can be done at the desired speed.

Bidirectional separation feature can be applied as 30, 45 and 90 degrees according to different series. Near orientation centers maximize floor space. The maintenance load of the system with one driver per routing is low.

ARB™ Sorter S 400

ARB™ Sorter S 7000

DARB™ Sorter S 4500

DARB™ Sorter S 455




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