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Product Separation Line

The product separation line developed by Aliş Makina is specially prepared for companies that want permanent solutions in operation.

Product separation lines used in many industries provide an optimized and trouble-free operation. Lines created for different areas such as food, logistics, automotive, postal, cargo transportation systems and product distribution locations of large e-commerce sites can safely separate products. It has been specially prepared and tested by Aliş Makina designers.




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Citrus Squeezing Line

The line developed by Aliş Makina has been prepared with a special system in line with customer needs.

Product Sorting and Feeding Line

The product sorting and feeding line is a special for products such as vegetables and fruits coming from the production area or the caliber in the food industry.

Cage Storage Systems

Case storage systems prepared by Aliş Makina can be customized according to the number of pallets stored, production speed and storage characteristics.

Palletizing and Packing Line

Palletizing and packaging lines, known as end-of-line solutions, are added to the end of production lines to increase optimization.