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The systems produced by Aliş Makina with Thermo Drive technology optimize the system for a reliable and predictable operation by avoiding the traditional band system thanks to its special design. It is often preferred to reduce operating costs.

Thermo Drive, a tensionless band system, minimizes wear and ensures long-term use. It has a longer lifespan than other systems. Thanks to the hygienic monoblock surface, operations in the food sector can be carried out safely. Its FDA-approved content is suitable for food contact. The surface of the design meets the expected performance standards in terms of hygiene and does not allow bacteria to reside. It can be easily used in meat and poultry, seafood, snack and confectionery processing, fruit and vegetable operations.

There is no diaper, it contains only polyurethane. Hingeless Thermo Drive belts can reduce cleaning time by up to 75% over traditional flat belts by eliminating strain, tracking, and sanitation issues. Lines are easy to install; It can be cleaned without disassembly, quick product changes can be made, wiping and drying processes can be performed quickly. It can be cleaned by consuming less water compared to other systems. It has simple, cost-free maintenance and service processes.




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